BAJAP Services provides financial aid system solutions on a per-job flat rate or on an hourly consulting rate depending upon your needs and the type of work that you would like to have done. We are dedicated to identifying the problem and solving the problem using tools that are appropriate and stable. Quality and maintainability are always high priority since financial aid solutions do not have time to mature and become robust. In addition, given rapid changes in the financial aid world, the solution must be flexible enough to allow change without having to start over.

In the world of financial aid it is very rare to find a software package on the shelf that will have all the capabilities you want. Given the nature and number of regulations, the number of interpretations of those regulations is too large for any vender to accommodate. Don't settle for what you have. We can customize you current financial aid process to your needs. Financial aid is about people in need. Let us worry about the software solution so you can work with the people.

We would be happy to provide you with an analysis, proposal and cost estimate for any requirements that you have. Just contact one of our sales managers for more information.